Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I had a blank post so I thought i might as well put something on it. So here is something.
Isn´t that nice! LOL

The missions conference is over

and we are so thankful for how God blessed and worked in the hearts of our people. As of Sunday night, our missions has raised by R$140.00. That´s around $80. May not sound like much but for us, it´s amazing. With the new support coming in, we´ll be able to take on a new missionary and maybe even raise the support of the 8 we already have! All of the papers are not in yet so it may go up more. I am just so thankful for what God did this last week.

Our children started giving this year to missions on a regular basis. We suggested $2 per month but Stephen felt God wanted to him to give $3! Amen!!!

Off to Christmas play practice pretty soon. I can´t believe it´s time for that. WOW! It´s hard to think about Christmas when it´s 75 degrees out and getting hotter. I have been here 11 years and think I´ll never get used to that!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The prayer of a child

I had a headache on Friday and was so tired that I thought it might help to lie down for a bit. It was around 11:30 am and I told the kids to just play for a bit, that I would be up soon. Around 12:30 Alyssa, very quietly, climbed up onto my bed and started to pray in a whisper "Dear God, please help mommy to wake up soon because I´m so hungry". I rolled over and asked her what she wanted. She said to me...."Mommy, I think every body else in Brazil has had lunch except us". This all said with her very sweet, squeaky voice. Man I love that girl! I got up and made lunch!