Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We're moving!

My husband and I looked at a house last Friday and rented it on the spot. The house we are staying in is full of termites, has several different leaks and is just falling apart. It's also about 8 minutes from our church. I know it doesn't seem like much but when you are out of the "bairro" our neighborhood of the church, you are out of the clan, so to speak. They are big on being unified by neighborhoods. In fact, we say we liven in Alvorada but once you say what neighborhood OF Alvorada you live in, their eyebrows go up with understanding. Now that we are back "the hood", we will be an accepted part of the tribe once again. LOL

The house has 5 bedrooms, 2 baths. Now before any of you have a heart attack thinking our house is way too big, fret not. The master bedroom could fit in most American bathrooms. LOL It's a great house though. It will give me oragnization, which I thrive on. Everything in its place! GLORY! It has been our prayer for over a year that the Lord would move us back to the area where our church is and He's done just that. We've had a chance to witness in this area and we thank Him for the friends that have been made.

Our goal is to move on Monday. I may be offline for a couple of weeks but I'll let you know what's going on before I sign off.

Have a good night all! Time to go make some yucca root! MMMM MMMM good!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Our amusing Alyssa

Today Alyssa and I were talking about how Jesus is not in your heart, that He is in Heaven and that it's the Holy Spirit that dwells in us. Afterwards she went on her merry way as usual. Later on this evening I was folding clothes in the living room and she comes in and says she sneezed and that the Holy Spirit came out of her heart, up her throat and flew out her nose!

It was so hard to not crack up!! So then she asks me if Jesus wants the Holy Spirit to stay put and I told her that He will always be with her. So THEN she asked me if MY Holy Spirit ever flew out MY nose. OH MAN! So I went on to explain that there is only ONE Holy Spirit, that he can't fly out our nose and that He lives in all those that accept Jesus.

So then she started naming off names. Does Daddy have the Holy Spirit, does this person and that person. Pretty soon she started naming off people who she KNOW are not saved. She got all concerned and said that Jesus wants us to tell them about the Holy Spirit that if we don't, they'll go to Hell.

It was just so cute, funny and sincere.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How's it going?

I know, I keep changing my blog but I'm not satisfied yet so you'll just have to be patient.

I've been working a lot on the special Saturday we are having for kids in Kings Kids. It is the last weekend before school starts up again. Kids are running all over buying pencils, papers and all the wonderful things that go along with getting ready for school. As usual, not a one of them is happy about starting up again but the parents are thrilled!

We are making individual pizzas, a lady in the church is making popcicles, we'll have face painting, games and I am also starting a series of lessons on the Tabernacle. We will give each child a sack of pencils, a sharpner and some erasers as well. Should be a fun day!

Why do we have special things for kids? They are important! They are the hope for the next generation if the Lord tarries His coming!

A little girl came to church on Sunday and was holding a book in her hand. She asked me if it was the Bible. She had no idea. I was so happy to tell her that, yes, it was the Bible. She raised her eyebrows in shock, smiled at me and started to read it. Eight years old and living in such a religious country but had no idea what a Bible looked like. Yep, it's worth it all!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My weekend

I woke up early Saturyday morning to go to a ladies retreat. It was a really great time! The theme was "Be still and know that I am God" Psalms 46:10. I spoke to the ladies about how people can be so busy in the ministry that they forget to take time to be in the Word. It really spoke to my heart because I am so busy in our ministry. How can we serve a God we do not KNOW? It's just not possible.

We also spoke about nutrition. There are so many around here anemic because of their dislike to any vegetable beside lettuce! A nice table was set out with anti-depressive veges and fruits. It was quite the spread. We were able to teach them about foods that can help their energy level and emotions. OH, they even (notice I said THEY) massaged each others' feet! I did NOT do this! I am not a foot toucher nor do I like my feet touched! YUCK Feet are so ugly! They were given a page to show the pressure points on your hands and feet. More power to them. My dh already knows not to expect a foot massage from me! haha

Today we had a visitor at church. Her name is Gabriela. A sweet girl who just seems eager to learn God's word. I am starting chior practice with the children tonight. They are so excited but I did tell them the only way to be a part of the chior is to be faithful to church. If they choose to stay home to play instead of coming to church, they miss two weeks of practice. Strict, I know! It is needful though and fair to those who are doing their best to be faithful.

Well I think that's it. My house looks like the normal weekend tornado that visits us. Monday it will all be put back into order.

I pray you are having a great day in the Lord. I just love Sundays!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Teen meeting tonight

We're pretty excited. Tonight we're having our first teen meeting. I'll make homemade pizza, we're going to play the candy bar game (I'll have to explain that another time), and just have a good time together. We only have 2 teens that attend our church and neither one really wants to be there. If you read this, please pray for us!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Beautiful Wednesday!

It is so pretty today! A beautiful breeze blowing. It's 79 degrees out! It's just perfect! How many of you buried in snow are feeling the call to come to Brazil now??

I should have been posting but I'm still getting the hang of all this. I keep going to other posts and seeing all the cool things the are doing but can't seem to get mine to look as nice. One of these days I will learn!

Our family went to Santa Maria this weekend. It is 4 1/2 hours west of Porto Alegre. On Saturday, I spoke to 68 ladies about working together for the glory of God. It was a really great time. There were several ladies there that are not saved. They heard the Gospel so we are praying that soon they will ask the Lord to save them.

On Sunday morning, Jeff preached about what God expects from us. It was a great message! One of the ladies that was at the ladies meeting got saved in the morning service! Praise God!

The bad thing? I forgot my camera! I guess that's better than forgetting our clothes!

Have a great day!