Saturday, February 23, 2008

Our amusing Alyssa

Today Alyssa and I were talking about how Jesus is not in your heart, that He is in Heaven and that it's the Holy Spirit that dwells in us. Afterwards she went on her merry way as usual. Later on this evening I was folding clothes in the living room and she comes in and says she sneezed and that the Holy Spirit came out of her heart, up her throat and flew out her nose!

It was so hard to not crack up!! So then she asks me if Jesus wants the Holy Spirit to stay put and I told her that He will always be with her. So THEN she asked me if MY Holy Spirit ever flew out MY nose. OH MAN! So I went on to explain that there is only ONE Holy Spirit, that he can't fly out our nose and that He lives in all those that accept Jesus.

So then she started naming off names. Does Daddy have the Holy Spirit, does this person and that person. Pretty soon she started naming off people who she KNOW are not saved. She got all concerned and said that Jesus wants us to tell them about the Holy Spirit that if we don't, they'll go to Hell.

It was just so cute, funny and sincere.


Jennifer said...

Really enjoy reading your blog!!That was a sweet story about the holy spirit!! God bless

Tori said...

Oh that's so funny!! It's interesting how deep children think sometimes.
It's great that your kids are so aware of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
Sounds like your doing a good job!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Althea...I was laughing so hard when i was reading this. You are not going to believe how I found your blog. I was talking to my co-worker's wife tonight and in our conversation she was saying how she found this blog and that it was a missionary with our board in Brazil. And of couse I asked who it was and when she told me it was you, I couldn't believe it!!!!! Now, I'll be able to keep up with what's happening with you and the family. Stop by and check out my blog....


I am new to your blog but I sure did enjoy reading it. I will be back more often. Hope you have a wonderful week there in Brazil. I live on the coast of Texas. Isn't it a wonderful thing to hear our children talk about Jesus and see their understanding grow. God bless. connie from Texas