Monday, July 21, 2008

Celebrating 13 years of marriage

I am sitting in the lobby of a beautiful hotel right now celebrating our anniversary. We were married on July 22nd and my precious hubby suprised me with a little anniversary get away. MUCH NEEDED!!!!! I am so pleased at how well he kept the secret and all. It´s really hard to pull one over on me, let me tell you. We are staying at if you want to take a look. It´s in Portuguese but you´ll get an idea of where we are anyway. Our kids are staying with a close friend of ours. They were so excited about going to "aunt" Kim´s house.

I also wanted to let you know that we had 2 saved on Sunday! Carol, who is 11 years old and Daiane, who is 12. One came to me in the morning after the service and told me that she had made a profession of faith a couple of years ago but only did it because her friend did. Now she really wanted to get saved. Daiane has been coming to our church for about a month and made the decision to accept the Lord last night. Neither of their families are saved so we are really looking forward to visiting their parents. We also had a man visit last night who just moved down the street. His wife was raised in some type of baptist church and he not a church goer at all but is searching. It´s just so exciting to see how God is working!

Ok, I´m going to go have a nice dinner with my hubby! Have a good night all!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

If you want to get warm, go outside!

That's what I tell the kids when they are cold! LOL It's actually been pretty hot this week. Stephen keeps asking me if it's winter here or not and that he wishes Brazil would make up its mind if it's going to be cold or hot. It's usually about 10 degrees colder IN the house. Forty degrees doesn't sound like a lot of cold to you that are in the north but let me tell you, sleeping with it 30 degrees in the house is not that fun! We have heaters but then cometh the bill, amen?
Sarah, I think the houses are a lot like the ones in Mexico. Concrete, tile roofs, the works. I'm not sure why they don't build them to fit the winter as well but they don't. It's crazy!

Gloria got saved! Thank you to those who have prayed for her. She came to the Bible study, we studied about who the Lord is and after it was all done, she put her palms down in the table with a determined looked and said she was ready to be saved. This lady is 65 and comes out of a spiritist background. Any one that gets saved is a wonderful blessing but someone of her age and background just makes it so much sweeter!

Our church has been running an average os 43 per service. This is just so amazing to us after having a year or more of 25. God has been working here and we are so thankful.

We are still waiting for the internet. Last time I called, they told me that I had not even asked to be on the list. Three weeks prior they told me I would have the net in less than 2 weeks. It really is discouraging. It makes you more homesick when you can't get on and just say hi to family and all. I'm not sitting in a corner sucking my thumb and crying.....YET! LOL

Stephen turned 9 on the 15th. I just can't believe that. He got some roller blades and it just loving them. We'll have a bday party for him on Saturday. He's excited to have all his friends over. I sure thank the Lord for my little buggy (my nick name for him). He has a heart for souls, understand why we are here in Brazil and continually tells me that we need to tell people about Jesus. Hes our little missionary, that's for sure. I look forward to what God will do in his life if the Lord tarries His coming.

Ok, I've written a book so I must needs get off of here and delete my 800 or so useless emails. I miss you all so much! Thanks for the comments! I'm so afraid you're all going to forget about me. Ha, as if that would happen!