Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm Alive!!!

Can we say crazy? I have no excuse for not blogging at least something but you know how it is. First, I was using dialup and it was really costing us to stay online using that. THEN, Thanksgiving and Christmas came. Need I say more? LOL

We're all doing fine though. The kids are back to school so that makes my day pretty full. The church keeps us busy with the different activities we have going on.

Something to pray about. IF God sees fit, we may have a chance to buy the house we are living in. Jeff is praying about selling our truck, buying a smaller car then use the rest of the money as a downpayment on the house. We throw money away each month on rent, we might as well put it towards something. It really would be nice to leave on furlough KNOWING that I have a place to come back to instead of Jeff coming early to find a house for us then us having to unpack and all. God's will be done, that's all we want. He's closed the door on us buying a house before and God knows we don't want to do anything out of His will.

Ok, I'm outta here! See you in 2 more months.......LOL.....Just kidding!

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Terri said...

Yeah!!! Althea posted!!!! I will pray about your house.