Thursday, June 26, 2008


I feel bad I haven´t been here in so long but I´m doing fine, just don´t have the internet yet. My patience is growing stronger by the minute, let me tell you! I sure do miss getting on every day just to say hi and read my emails.

Everything is going well here. It´s cold and rainy here right now so we´re all wrapped up in every bit of clothing we have, sleep with about 4 blankets, 2 pairs of socks, the works! Did I say it´s cold?? Don´t worry, pretty soon I´ll be complaing about the heat! ha!

The ministry is going very well. I´m still holding two Bible studies on Tuesday nights. They are going well. One of the ladies, Gloria, is so close to being saved but has seen some hypocritcal christians in her time and this is keeping her from accepting the Lord. I finally told her that she needs to stop using this as an excuse and just get saved! I sure pray it´s soon!

Ok, that´s about it for now. I´ll "see" you all soon!


Tori said...

Hey Althea!! Great to hear from you.

I guess your all settled in the new place? I forget that your in winter when we're in summer, I think I would trade our heat for your cold, it's a scorcher this year.

Sounds like your Bible studies are going great. I'm sure Gloria isn't far from accepting the Lord, keep praying!

Michelle said...

Althea - great to hear from you!!! I think that you have more patience about your internet than we have!!! Can't wait until you are back on all the time!

Sarah Joy said...

I'll have to think of you freezing in the other hemisphere when I'm melting in the Santa Ana hot wind. It's like being in a convection oven! You know when it's cold here in Mexico it really affects people because they don't build homes to be warm in the cold weather at all. Our house is great, but those concrete apartments are little iceboxes. How are the Brazilian homes made?

Hi I'm Starr. said...

I miss you so bad I could just cry!! I'm praying you get your internet hooked up SOON! We need PICTURES!!!
Next time you are able to log on, PLEASE post some pics of the kids and your house. PLEASE?!
LOVE YOU BUNCHES and bunches!

Anonymous said...

Man Althea.. do I know you? hahaha! Sounds pretty cold there! Woa! I'll will remember you about it when the heat is coming! hehe!

Oh and I have no clue where other are talking about that they miss you! ;-)

You are in my thoughts much!

~ Gerda