Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sundays are so tiring

Sometimes you wonder if you are even getting through to the kids you teach.

About 2 months ago an 11 year old girl started coming to our church. She lives about 10 mins from the church so I would pick her up and take her home. She started inviting others and now we have a pretty good group. We have a Ford F1000 diesel truck. It's big but technically only fits 6 people. I got 16 in there! They come to church, destroy tracts, run up onto the platform, just are pretty wild. It gets frustrating but I have to remember that they have never been in church before. I have been picking them up for about a month now and have never met one mother. It shows me that these kids of 7 and 8 years old can come and go as they please and nobody seems to care.

I was getting worried about what the adults were thinking about so many kids coming but Sunday night confirmed that they were just as please as Jeff and I are. PTLord for that! I was pretty frustrated Sunday night though because it takes a lot out of you trying to keep them all rounded up. I even began to wonder if they were coming to learn or coming to destroy. LOL On the way home, I got my answer. We were driving along and those kids, with the windows down, just started singing at the top of their lungs "read your Bible, pray every day" (in portuguese, of course). They continued singing other songs until they got to their houses. Praise God, it is not in vain. Hard work, for sure! Worth it all, oh yes indeedy! It's been a long time since I have had to do a bus route but I sure am enjoying it, even if we don't have a bus.

All that to say this. It is so fun, wonderful, amazing, glorious, rewarding to serve the Lord. Whether it be picking up kids, teaching or cleaning a toilet. It's just good. I'll never understand the pew warming Christian, they are missing out on so much.

By the way, the 11 year old girl got saved and two of her visitors have as well. She's already laying up crowns in Heaven!

Have a good one!

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