Thursday, October 23, 2008

How's it going?

I've decided that I need to make a point to post at least once or week or just get rid of the blog! I was so excited about doing this but then we moved and lost our interent so it all went down the drain. Now that I have dial up, it wouldn't kill me to get on and update you all.

I'm so excited about next month! We start our missions conference on November 3rd and are praying for a great outcome. As of now, our church supports 8 missionaries. Three in Mozambique, 1 in Venezuela, 2 in the Amazon, a pastor here in our state that started a church and the seminary here in our state. We are looking to take on a man that works in the prisons then there are several others that have come to the church to present their work. We have a small group of people who give way above their means. FAITH!

I have begun to choose and translate recipes for our international lunch. I think I'm going to do a greek table. MMMMM We'll also have a chinese, Portugual and African table. Should be for some good eating!

Talk to ya soon!


Jane said...

I will be praying for your missions conference! I think you should have an American table.....LOL

Althea said...

Oh, we've done American so many times. LOL I actually thought about doing different American foods like from Louisiana, Hawaii, that type of stuff. Maybe next year. It would be neat to do different regions of America. Grinders from the EAST! MMMMMM What do people from the west eat? LOL